Cold Pitch Masterclass by Bree Weber

Cold Pitch Masterclass

Starts Sep 2, 2020 at 3:00 PM PDT

Swipe my cold pitch framework — the one I used to triple my revenue in 30 days. 
In the middle of a pandemic. 
After losing all my copywriting clients. 
And starting hitting $10k months consistently.

Start getting responses like this:

What's covered in the masterclass

  • How I get a 60% conversion rate from cold pitches
  • What's wrong with most cold pitches
  • What information you need to get started
  • Who you can start cold pitching today
  • How to find email addresses for your wishlist clients
  • What to say in your cold pitch and how to say it
  • The step-by-step framework I use to write cold pitches
  • How to avoid sounding sleazy or desperate
  • The 3 key elements you need in every cold pitch
  • How to finish out your cold pitch
  • How to write a click-worthy subject line
  • What you should do before hitting send

You'll also get access to the 20min Q&A session where I answer the most common questions on how to get started.

What people are saying about the masterclass

The copywriter behind the cold pitch

Hey, I'm Bree. In March 2020, COVID hit and I lost all my clients. I was a copywriter struggling to hit $2k months and social media wasn't cutting it as a client-finding resource.

Cold pitching always felt cold and impersonal, plus the templates I found on the internet never worked for me. So, I created my own.

The cold pitch framework I teach is the one I used to triple my income in 30 days, build out a client waitlist, and grow my business to $10k/mo.


Who is this for?

This masterclass was initially presented to freelance copywriters, but it's applicable to freelance creatives and service-based business owners who want to grow their 1:1 client work bookings.

Are there any prerequisites?

No. You don't need fancy clients to name drop, impressive stats to throw down, or even portfolio work to link. You don't even need a niche. If you have an email, you can send killer cold pitches.

Will this work for me?

Cold pitching has helped me grow my copywriting business from $2k/mo to $10k/mo. My students have also shared how they, too, are getting same-day responses, booking discovery calls, and landing 4-figure and 5-figure projects from this method.

Is there a guarantee?

No. Due to the nature of this delivery, all sales are final.